The way music touches a soul and can shape a young spirit and mind is so necessary, especially when things just don’t feel right. There are so many artists and songs that made that difference for me and I thought it would be cool to share a few of them with you.

The first, “All My Tears”, is a song that Emmylou Harris released on her album Wrecking Ball. This song reminds me that no matter the trials and heartaches that we sometimes have here on earth our future in heaven holds something inconceivable and incomparably better. We just have to have faith and courage to hang on.

The second cover I want to share is John Prine’s “Angel From Montgomery” often preformed by Bonnie Raitt. This song inspires a certain strength to not surrender a dream. From such an honest and prolific writer, this song touches a sedentary sadness that we all feel at times.

On to the third cover, “Build a Levee”. I love Natalie Merchant. She inspires me to believe in the power of an original voice. She believes in love, change and benevolently speaks and stands by what she feels and believes. Thank you Natalie!